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About Aleksei Chebeliuk

Early Life and Background
From a young age, Aleksei Chebeliuk was destined for greatness. Born November 16, 1989 in Samara, Russia, his talent was evident from an early age. At only 8 years old, he attended music school for Accordion class and participated in the Samara Open Festival of Children's Creativity, "Russian Winter." Despite having a broken leg, he showed no signs of slowing down; second place in the City Competition for Young Instrumentalists solidifying his credentials as a creative powerhouse. With the support of the Samara City Administration and becoming 2nd-degree laureate of Creative Competitions giving him more credence as a musical genius - it is no wonder Aleksei Chebeliuk is considered such a promising artist!

Aleksei Chebeliuk - Celebrity Accordionist
celebrity accordionist in Los Angeles, CA

Celebrity Accordionist

Accomplishments in Music
Aleksei Chebeliuk has accomplished many feats in the music world, proving himself to be a multi-talented performer. At only 19, he was studying full-time at two institutions while simultaneously taking part in STEM - the student theater of variety miniatures - where he played accordion and won an Honorary Diploma. In 2008, Aleksei organized his musical trio and took second place in a regional "Children's Mosaic" accordion competition celebrating its 100th anniversary. Later that same year he graduated with honors from music college. But Aleksei didn't settle there - after graduating, he founded Smile Band, a successful the commercial cover band that rocks weddings, corporate parties, and birthdays alike with zingy live performances from Aleksei himself!

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