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Choosing the perfect restaurant for Your event

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Be it a rehearsal dinner, holiday party, or new menu launch, hosting an event at your restaurant is a chance to attract many first-time diners, giving you a key opportunity to make a lasting impression.

Here are some tips to make it memorable for guests, while highlighting the best that your restaurant has to offer:

1. Make a List of Potential Restaurants

The first step is going to be to start to make a list of all of the potential restaurants where the event could be held. Location does matter as you want it to be close to the majority of the guests that are going to be coming.

2. Size of the Group of Guests Coming

You then want to size up the group of guests that are coming. You should do this by starting to make a list of all of the guests that are going to be invited to the event. Once you do that, begin to group them into family, friends, co-workers, etc. Think about who these people are going to sit with, how they are going to mesh together.

3. Find a Balance of Food and Atmosphere

A balance of food and atmosphere is always very important. This means quality seafood in an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming but also formal enough where you feel confident having just about any type of event there, no matter how special it may be.

4. Something for Everyone

It is important to ensure that the restaurant that you choose has something for everyone. This means having a type of food that every person is going to enjoy, a location that is going to feel special for the guests of honor at the very least, and the type of entertainment and atmosphere that will put the whole crowd at ease to socialize in a more active manner.

5. Make the Plans Early and Set the Date

Now that you have taken into account all of these factors, it is time to set the date and get the reservation in.

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