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What to keep in mind when preparing to a love-story photoshoot

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

A good Love Story photo shoot has several ingredients: a pair of lovers, professional photographer, and an appropriate location. But beside this, there’s one more element, which is a true mast-have of every romantic photo shoot – a good mood during shooting.

For a couple, it’s very important to feel trusting atmosphere and to be sure that everything is arranged properly. Even the best make-up and chic studio don’t help, if models are not enjoying shooting and if posing turns to be a tedious task.

Ideally a story has the following three main elements:

  • a beginning (something that sets the stage)

  • a middle (this holds the meat of the story)

  • an end (something that closes out the story and ends the adventure)

How does this relate to photography? Well! Apart from the universal adage that a picture can speak a thousand words, photos have the same ability to take us along a magical journey by sharing a beginning, middle and an end. For this very reason, having a strong storyline for any photo-shoot is critical. As for the photographer, he has to ensure the audience is able to come along the journey of the story with him.


Love Story Photo Session Before Wedding

Genres of photography can be different, but photo shoots “Love story” have common themes related to relationship. “Love story” photos are strongly associated with a wedding and pre-wedding period recently; however, love is not only romance and wedding. “Love story” pictures can be made in honour of the anniversary of the wedding (the first, fifth or twentieth), or the birth of a child, etc.

Though pre-wedding photo shoot “Love story” is of particular interest. Most of the wedding photographers actively offer this service now, sometimes even forcing clients to arrange it. However, not all the future newlyweds understand the meaning of this photography session.

Why create “Love story” before the wedding?

Pre-wedding photo shoot is usually made in advance – sometimes a year or a half before the wedding. It is a great opportunity for a couple to get acquainted with the photographer, which will work with them on a wedding day. The newlyweds can see his work, and later evaluate the results, watching ready pictures of their “Love story”. The sooner these images will be seen, the more time future family will have to choose a camera-man.

Love Story: Plot and Script

There are several options for script of a pre-wedding photo shoot:

  • History of relationship of the bride and groom and their love, interesting staged and decorated.

  • One day of life of a loving couple: a walk in beautiful places, shared hobby, romantic evening, etc.

  • Preparation for a celebration: recreate the moment of the proposal, the choice of rings and wedding invitations, trying on wedding dresses, etc.

  • Just a beautiful romantic images, often themed, costumed and/or made in an unusual setting (e.g., at the track or on different roofs of apartment buildings).

Some couples combine two options: recreate the love story, but in the imagined romanticized setting. Not everyone approves of this decision. Sometimes it is strange for friends and relatives to see the bride and groom, filmed in untypical roles: for example, if the future couple met in the Internet, and photo story depicts their acquaintance in the casino or at the mall.

There is one simple rule: if you want to have this photoset only for yourself, you can choose any theme and plot, including imagined stories. But if the pictures will be shown at the wedding or will be included in the photo book, which will be displayed in a row, it is better to make a script based on real events.

For example, if the bride and groom met in the Internet, they can make beautiful photos in two different Internet cafes, with laptops, headphones and coffee.

The photo session could be in one place or in several completely different locations. If “Love story” includes not only the scene of dating, but also the development of relations, the shoot can be spent in those places, where couple had the first or most memorable date: the restaurant at the ice rink, the zoo, etc. it is

Desirable that the “Love story” would be recognizable and similar may high-coloured, but truthful. To make it YOUR “Love story”, not just a photo shoot.

Few nuances

It is no need fearing that it will be a bad weather on a planned day. Pictures in the rain or in the snow are especially spectacular.

Of course, if your photographer is professional enough.

It is likely to make the scenario of the “Love story” with a specialist. He will be able to suggest you some interesting ideas and choose places. Who but a professional photographer will be able to suggest the most appropriate decisions for a photo shoot?

On the eve of the shooting you should not take alcohol and try to sleep well. After all, everyone dreams to look good on pictures.

Clothes, makeup and hair need to be discusses in advance. You should come with styled hair and makeup, but you should take the bag and be sure to brush and powder.

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