• Aleksei Chebeliuk

What to keep in mind when preparing to a love-story photoshoot

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A good Love Story photo shoot has several ingredients: a pair of lovers, professional photographer, and an appropriate location. But beside this, there’s one more element, which is a true mast-have of every romantic photo shoot – a good mood during shooting.

For a couple, it’s very important to feel trusting atmosphere and to be sure that everything is arranged properly. Even the best make-up and chic studio don’t help, if models are not enjoying shooting and if posing turns to be a tedious task.

Ideally a story has the following three main elements:

  • a beginning (something that sets the stage)

  • a middle (this holds the meat of the story)

  • an end (something that closes out the story and ends the adventure)

How does this relate to photography? Well! Apart from the universal adage that a picture can speak a thousand words, photos have the same ability to take us along a magical journey by sharing a beginning, middle and an end. For this very reason, having a strong storyline for any photo-shoot is critical. As for the photographer, he has to ensure the audience is able to come along the journey of the story with him.

Love Story Photo Session Before Wedding

Genres of photography can be different, but photo shoots “Love story” have common themes related to relationship. “Love story” photos are strongly associated with a wedding and pre-wedding period recently; however, love is not only romance and wedding. “Love story” pictures can be made in honour of the anniversary of the wedding (the first, fifth or twentieth), or the birth of a child, etc.

Though pre-wedding photo shoot “Love story” is of particular interest. Most of the wedding photographers actively offer this service now, sometimes even forcing clients to arrange it. However, not all the future newlyweds understand the meaning of this photography session.

Why create “Love story” before the wedding?

Pre-wedding photo shoot is usually made in advance – sometimes a year or a half before the wedding. It is a great opportunity for a couple to get acquainted with the photographer, which will work with them on a wedding day. The newlyweds can see his work, and later evaluate the results, watching ready pictures of their “Love story”. The sooner these images will be seen, the more time future family will have to choose a camera-man.