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Top 5 honey-moon destinations in the U.S.A.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

When you are trying to decide on a honeymoon destination, there are so many places to choose from all over the globe. Staying in the states can be an especially great idea if you’re not able to get a ton of time off work, if you’re on a tight budget, are looking for a shorter trip now and planning a bigger honeymoon later, or if you don’t have enough time to worry about the passports and additional planning required for an international trip.

Here are a few of our top recommendations for places to honeymoon in the USA:


Year after year, Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations in the USA and the world to honeymoon and for a good reason. The tropical setting boasts pristine beaches and a relaxed setting that is the perfect way to start your marriage. Hawaii really has something for everyone. You can find adventure by hiking volcanos or surfing, take in the culture by enjoying a luau and some traditional ukulele music, relax on the beach as the waves roll in, or a bit of a mix.

Travaasa, Hana is one of the top experiential resorts in Maui situated a short distance away from Hana Beach Park. Choose the inclusive resort package that starts at $725 per night and enjoys an intimate getaway in the scenic, Hawaiian isle. Stay at the oceanfront suite, have chef-prepared meals, and indulge in revivifying spa therapies with your spouse. From cultural tours to water adventures, there are numerous things to try.


Charleston, a quintessential port city in South Carolina, is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who can’t resist Southern charm and countryside nostalgia. Boasting antebellum buildings, carriages and cobblestone streets lined with oak trees, the city appears to be suspended in time. But don’t be fooled by its serene calmness! From exceptional beaches to historic sites, Charleston is the epitome of vintage comfort combined with modernistic lifestyle.


Lying east of Salt Lake City in Utah, Park City is known for its mountain resorts and snow-glazed valleys. Take your romantic escapade to a whole new level by experiencing world-class skiing, exquisite meals, and luxurious spa treatments. I am not exaggerating when I say it is a perfect package for honeymooners! You have your adrenaline-rushin