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Wedding Checklist

Brides often admit that the hardest part of getting started is deciding where to start? What should you do immediately after your engagement, and what tasks can you postpone? The answers to these questions are in our checklist.


If you are not in a rush to get married, do not rush to plunge headlong into the hassle of preparation immediately after the engagement. Give yourself time to enjoy the new status of the bride and understand what you want from the upcoming holiday. Spend these months surfing the Internet and viewing wedding magazines, do not rush to book a site and contractors.

* Draw up an approximate budget

* Study the market for wedding offers

* Create a mood board

* Choose your wedding date

* Decide on the format of the wedding (buffet / banquet, large / chamber, abroad / in your city, etc.)


The best time to make important decisions about where the wedding will take place, whether you will contact the organizer, how many guests you plan to invite. But first - rank, decide what is most important for you in the wedding and what is secondary. This will help you manage your budget wisely.

* Choose a site

* Hire an organizer (and if you decide to prepare yourself, do not miss our electronic Organizer)

* Choose a presenter, photographer and videographer

* Make a rough list of guests

* Distribute the budget by item of expenditure


The period of the most active preparation. Wedding chores and your workload will differ depending on the wedding concept and the availability of an organizer, but there are also universal tasks that should not be forgotten: